Blog Virgin!


Hello! You were not easy to find. Well, ok maybe easy to find but not an easy path to get to this exact spot.

This is my first un-post, post on So far I figured out that my wonderful, brilliant and speedy web hosting site was able to get me to this point, including the hosting, for $100 flat fee! This of course, after I searched for the perfect hosting site (Sorry HostGator) watched webinars, considered hiring a web developer, listened to all the experts. All great information but apparently all I need to do was call the magicians at Style Agent! That’s the good news.

Now what? I browsed settings, pages, links, tools, etc. and most of it may as well be in another language. Anyone else feel the “Dashboard” is a bit daunting?

While browsing the Plug-in options I found one that I actually understood and that sounded cool, Twitter Plug-in. Feeds your twitter stream to your blog. I get that! I attempted to set up the Twitter Plug-in tool so all my super witty and interesting tweets show up on my empty blog but after copying and pasting the same codes like 3 times (because why is it that when it doesn’t work the first time I think doing the same thing many more times will fix it? – I know, it’s the definition of crazy, Guilty) I received an error message that I had to send to my web hosting company. Ok, Twitter Plug-in will have to wait.

My eyes are starting to cross and well, I don’t think I have really make much progress. However, I am thrilled to finally have a blog to share all the information that is swimming around in my head.

Custom Theme? Fancy Plug-ins? And all the other stuff I am sure will make this a super cool blog will have to wait until another day! So if your reading this, stay tuned! I can’t wait to fill my blog with stories from the real estate trenches and other valuable bits and pieces hopefully you will find interesting.

Thanks for reading!