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  Realtors are not sales people! There I said it. Contrary to public opinion, reputation and all the negative attention that gets dumped on us we don't "sell" property. We manage and build relationships, guide clients through complicated and emotional transactions and creative problem solve. Realtors wear many hats but have one focus - our clients. What is best for them, how we can help them, how we can make their real estate dreams come true and hopefully with joy and the least amount of stress. Some clients don't make it easy My...

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10 Steps in Buying a Home – STEP 4: Preview Homes

10 Steps in Buying a Home – STEP 4: Preview Homes Congratulations! You are now ready to get in your Realtors car and start down that path of finding your next perfect home! You’ve made it through the pre-approval process which is a difficult step and now you will be rewarded with a customized tour of homes that match your budget and hearts desires. Shopping for a house Buying a home is a process and that process is as unique as you are so first step is to disregard...

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10 Step Home Buying Guide-Step1: ESTABLISH A BUDGET

10 Step Home Buying Guide –  1. ESTABLISH A BUDGET Establish a Budget Buying property is a HUGE deal! It’s likely the single biggest purchase you will make in your lifetime. The first step is to establish a budget and to do that you have to step back and look at your big picture. What does owning a home mean to you? How do you see yourself and your family living in the home? Is this your 5-year home or your forever home? What other activities and hobbies...

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10 Steps in Buying a Home – Step 3: Obtain Lender Pre-Approval

10 Steps in Buying a Home – STEP 3: Obtain a lender Pre-approval Pre-approval of a loan You have met with and committed to your Realtor and you are ready and anxious to move forward and find your perfect home. Before you get in your Realtors car to look at homes you need to talk with a lender and obtain a pre-approval. Why is this so crucial? Knowing your buying power is well, powerful. The online calculators will give you a rough idea of your monthly PITI (principle, interest,...

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10 Steps in Home Buying – STEP 2: Commit to a Realtor

10 Steps in Home Buying – STEP 2: Commit to a Marin Modern/San Francisco Modern Realtor Home Buying: Call or Email a Realtor Today The home buying process is unique and should be customized to your specific and personal needs and wants. Engaging a Realtor early on will get you started down the right path for your home buying journey. 97% of home buyers today start their search online and spend anywhere from a few weeks to several years researching and planning before contacting a Realtor. This is totally...

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10 Step Home Buying Guide

10 Step Home Buying Guide 10 Step Home Buying Puzzle resolved Launching into the home buying process can be daunting and may feel like one of those crazy jigsaw puzzles you tackled as a kid. So many pieces - where do I start? This 10 Step Home Buying Guide, in the next 11 posts, will ease your mind. Following will be a step by step guide to propel you from start to finish and get you into your next home! Whether you are a first time home buyer, getting...

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Cari’s Weekly Tweets 2011-06-13

Come see me and Gabe! We are here until 4pm at this beautiful property! # Me and my assistant are fueling up for our open house! (@ Crepevine - San Rafael) # Beautiful drive! (@ Hwy 37) [pic]: # I'm at The Press Bistro (1809 Capitol Ave, at 18th St, Sacramento) # Super cool vintage stuff! 2nd Saturday in Sacramento! (@ Scout Living) # Fave Friday am #bikram class and was greeted w a closed door and sign that said "full class". 1st time in 9 yrs :(...

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Marin County Real Estate – Best of Brokers Tour and Real Estate Porn! Week 1

Marin County Real Estate - Best of Brokers Tour and Real Estate Porn! Week 1 Unfamiliar with the term Brokers Tour? Once a week the newer listings are held open by the listing agent for other Realtors to preview the homes. Marin County has two tour days, Wednesday you can see Southern Marin (Sausalito, Mill Valley, Tiburon and Belvedere), and the Northern most Marin city, Novato. Thursday is for the rest of Marin, Corte Madera, Larkspur, Greenbrae, Kentfield, San Rafael, San Anselmo, Ross, Fairfax,...

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Marin County Real Estate – A Very Merry Mustard To You!

Marin County Real Estate - A Very Merry Mustard To You! The holiday tradition I look forward to involves shopping and eating but also planning, designing and mass production. It's not your typical tradition but it's one I have participated in with my Dad for about 23 years. We make our super secret, completely addictive and increasingly popular Hot & Sweet Mustard. A few recipients, I am sure, continue to be my friend just for the Mustard they receive from me each holiday season. I...

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Buying a Home In Marin County – Home Buyer Success Story

Buying A Home in Marin County - Home Buyer Success Story Real Estate is a challenging business to be in, especially in today's market with the ever changing rules, regulations, laws and statutes surrounding Real Estate transactions. It has become a mine field of disclosures and compliance. However, for me the most important and most rewarding part of the Real Estate business hasn't really changed that much and that is Client Care. It's true, younger Gen X and Gen Y clients now entering the market are tech savvy and better...

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