Cari Gennarelli was wonderful! We started our search from New York, “just looking.” We wanted to see if we could afford a home we’d be happy in in Marin. We came to visit and Cari spent many hours showing us different types of homes/areas in our price range, when another brokerage wouldn’t show us around, since we were “just looking.”

Cari suggested we sell our place in NY first and rent temporarily in Marin so any offer we made on a house wouldn’t be contingent on selling the NY place. It was great advice and allowed us to learn more about Marin as we looked.

Cari encouraged us to consider Fairfax seriously and to be honest, we liked it, but you can’t really have an idea until you spend a lot of time in a place by living there or at least living nearby. We are so happy that we took Cari’s advice, we love Fairfax and feel it is the best town in Marin for our particular family. Cari really tuned in to us.

I should mention that the home we ended up buying was on the market for one week and had two other offers. Cari gave great suggestions on presenting our offer that I’m sure were responsible for the sellers taking our offer. Obviously, her advice was better than the other two brokers. In this still hot market, you need someone like Cari representing you, you might not get your home in competition with other buyers without her.

I highly recommend Cari and Marin Modern.

Robin Smith

We were buying a place near Point Reyes from a trust, and it got quite complex – there were multiple owners selling, they didn’t live in the property, we had no real access to them – and we were going on vacation while the close was supposed to happen. For a variety of reasons, including inspections, the close couldn’t happen on time, and we were in danger of losing our loan and the house — one that we’d been looking for for many years! In our absence (we were overseas), Cari Gennarelli, our Marin Modern agent, jumped through hoops and worked miracles to keep the deal on the table, hire contractors to fix things that had to be fixed, talked to the bank, the sellers, the agents, and everyone and anyone involved to keep it going. She hated having to tell us that the close hadn’t happened when we got home, but she was also able to pull the whole thing to completion just a few weeks later, with the original (very favorable) loan and no negative changes to the deal. That’s the kind of realtor you want working for you.

Nancy S.

After 2 years of searching my husband and I finally purchased our dream home with the help of Cari Gennarelli of Marin Modern!

It was a long, exhausting, process for us, with a fair share of disappointments but Cari was by our side the whole way and never gave up on our search! She was always willing to go the extra mile (literally) an make time in her schedule to show us properties that were a potential fit for our growing family. She understood exactly what we were looking for and had our best interest at heart throughout the whole process.

Cari was really easy to communicate with and was always available to answer questions or talk us through something we didn’t quite understand.

Thanks to her help, patients and knowledge we found our dream home and our offer was accepted!

Thanks Cari and Marin Modern!

Eva K.

Mr. Vannucci,

Thank you for this follow up opportunity on my buying experience with your organization. As a short sale with a first and second loan, my purchase was arduous and took longer than I had initially hoped, but also clearly demonstrated the value that Cari afforded to me as my representative.

I am extremely pleased with Cari’s focus, responsiveness and diligent communication with Agents, Brokers and Bank representatives, but most of all myself during the course of the process until the deal was closed. I have no doubt that her diligence in communication with all involved helped close the deal as soon as possible and more importantly gave me peace of mind.

She was a pleasure to work with and clearly went the extra mile starting, with my search phase as she would identify and send me select places that matched my very specific criteria. To be specific, I was impressed and very grateful that she took the time to send me personal emails with specific listings that I could view as opposed to just rely on the Listings tool for me to find potential places. That attention to detail built trust and gave me comfort that I had found the right representative which continued all the way through to the close when I received a very nicely organized and detailed folder of all my paperwork.

I have a few colleagues who are considering entering the market and I have been enthusiastic in recommending Cari with Marin Modern Residential Real Estate.

Adam Boysan

Adam Boysan

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to provide some feedback on my experience with Cari.

Having worked with Cari in the past, I already knew her to be organized and professional, however I can’t tell you how impressed I was with her knowledge of the process and the rules in an ever- changing industry. Cari was critical to helping me avoid a number of roadblocks and delays that I was completely unaware of, despite my prior home buying experience. Her ability to navigate the obstacles, find solutions and keep the process on track was very refreshing.

I can honestly say, I was most impressed that her dedication, energy and involvement was consistent throughout the experience, from helping me find a property though handing me the keys. Not only would I use Cari again for any future transactions, but she is one of the few people – in an industry – that I would recommend to my friends and family.

If you need any other input, please feel free to contact me.

Andy Appleton

Cari did a good job researching ahead of time and narrowing down my search to help me find what I was looking for.

Rosemary Wakeham

Dear Mr. Vannucci,

It was a pleasure to provide you with feedback about my experience with Cari. As you may or may not know, I know Cari well on a personal level and had high expectations for her organization and communication skills, two woefully lacking components of my last real estate transaction, going in.

I can say without hesitation that she not only exceeded those expectations, but destroyed them. I realized quickly that despite her recent foray into the world of real estate, she was well informed and expertly adept in anticipating and navigating the new and complicated ins and outs of your rapidly changing industry.

Her determination and work ethic are rare and inspiring and your organization is lucky to have her. I give her my highest recommendation without hesitation and consider myself lucky to have found an agent for life.

Anthony Anderson