8 Strategies to Secure a Lower Mortgage Rate

Mortgage rates have been on a roller coaster ride this year, rising and falling amid inflationary pressures and economic uncertainty. And even the experts are divided when it comes to predicting where rates are headed next.1 This climate has been unsettling for some homebuyers and sellers. However, with proper planning, you can work toward qualifying for the best mortgage rates available today – and open up the possibility of refinancing at a lower rate in the future. How does a lower mortgage rate save you money? According to Trading Economics, the average...

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Buying a Home In Marin – Broker’s on Tour

Buying a Home In Marin - Broker's on Tour Thursday in central Marin County between 10:30-2 the streets are filled with Realtor cars rushing around to see all the new listed homes for sale. The concept of Broker's Tour is brilliant.  I have seen agents tour a home in 30 seconds and fit in 20+ homes in 7 cities in the 3 hour window. Buyers approach the home viewing process completely different.  They need to spend time in the home. Will I be comfortable here? Will my couch fit? Where will...

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