Relocate to Marin County from Across the Bay or Across the Ocean


What makes Marin County so great? Why is it one of the most expensive housing markets in the world? Why should you move to Marin County? You can’t grow up in Marin County and not feel a little spoiled, special and unique. It truly is one of the most stunningly beautiful places to live and work. The residents of Marin develop a bit of snobbery but can you blame us? Once you live in Marin, it’s difficult to move anywhere.

Weather – Warm summers that transform into gentle autumn and a mild winter and then a sunny and warm Spring.

Open Space – abundant and well maintained. Parks, national and local. Hiking, biking and beaches

City Life – 10-30 minutes from most Marin neighborhoods. World class restaurants, culture, opera, symphony and museums.

Catch a Giants Game

Communities – walkable neighborhoods to remote mountain retreats and everything in between

Logistics – Drive 45 minutes to the Napa Valley, 2-1/2 hours and your skiing in Lake Tahoe or gambling on the South shore of Nevada, 30 minutes or less to West Marin beaches, fresh oysters, kayaking, hiking. Continue up Highway One through Tomales, Marshall and on to Jenner and Sea Ranch.

Real Estate in Marin County is historically low compared to the home prices we saw in 2005-2007. Interest rates, while in 1983 were up to 18%  today they are still hovering around 4.5-4.75% (changes daily). There was a time, not too long ago, that you could not buy a property in Marin for under $500k. Even condos were jumping up in that range or higher.

There remains a true value in owning property that many have forgotten. Homeowners that purchased during the height might see their home/investment not so much as an asset but a burden. Long time homeowners are probably kicking themselves for not selling during that same peak and feel they lost out on a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I say, stop whining Marin Homeowners. What you have is precious and valuable. You own a piece of land in Marin County. Some of the most sought after and precious dirt in the world. Last time I checked there weren’t any plans to create more land. What we have is it and if you already own a piece of it consider yourself fortunate.

If you don’t yet own land in Marin and want to then there hasn’t been a better time in years to jump in.