Marin County Real Estate and ME! 5 (or more) Things About Me, Me, Me, Me and Me


Marin County Real Estate and ME! 5 (or more) Things About Me, Me, Me, Me and Me I received my award (?) from my new active rain friend David Ames. First I heard of it. I am honored to participate so here I go…

Here’s Eleanor’s MeMe Rules (please paste the following paragraph into your post as you are tagged)

What is YOUR Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) is for 2011. I’d also like to know more about you, and your background, what is it about you that makes this BHAG so important? What experiences are you bringing with you into 2011 that will make this BHAG work? So I’m asking you to please share 5 or 6 things about yourself, and then tag 5 or 6 more people so we can learn about them too! (Here’s a MeMe Tutorial)

Seems there are a few different variations of this game. The BHAG appears to be a more modern version. Some of the others I have read are just the 5 things about them. I am fairly new to Active Rain and still trying to build my blog content. If I tag you for this inspiring project, be Happy and feel challenged to think about the year to come and how you will make it awesome!

My BHAG for 2011 – To keep a calendar! Plan and track my marketing and prospecting efforts and stay organized and on task! How big and hairy is that!

About me…Marin Real Estate - 5 year old me!

1. As a child I was painfully shy. So shy I was unable to dial 411 and ask for a phone number. Not an exaggeration. As I reflect back I believe my debilitating fear of people and the world came from ignorance. I just didn’t understand how things worked. The more I understood, the more comfortable I was in my own skin. Individual and team sports played a huge role in my growth and maturity. When I tell people this now they don’t believe me.

2. I am an introvert. However, through my varied job experiences and pure survival instincts I have come out of my shell and am able to stay out for long periods of time. When I first started in Real Estate a few years back I discovered Jennifer Allen, Sell With Soul. With her help I realized that one can be an introvert and a real estate agent. I wasn’t so sure at first. She taught me you have to be aware of your limitations, strengths and weaknesses and not fight it. As opposed to extroverts I do not gain energy from others. In fact, others suck the energy out of me and after a social event, open house, etc. I need to hibernate or sleep. I love interacting with people but often small talk makes my brain shut down and all is hear is blah, blah, blah. My boyfriend is an extrovert so when I shut down he is great about filling in the blanks. We both love to entertain but after 6 hours of prep and 5 hours of hosting I am done. Literally. I just want everyone gone. I need to shut down and re-energize.

3. My first job out of college was in retail at Any Mountain. I hated selling. Loved redoing the window displays until I broke a very expensive neon light fixture. First job I was fired from. Spent the next few years in the restaurant/catering business mostly as a prep cook but also as a server. Loved to cook. Had my first taste of management in catering. After my supervisor at Chevy’s asked me to move out of the kitchen and into management I knew it was time for a change. That’s how I ended up in the construction industry. First in admin, then purchasing and then project/client management and the last 2-1/2 years as a co-owner. Owning my own business in my 20’s was fun at first but as work dried up so did the money. Time for another career change. I answered a add for a Junior Operations Manager. To be honest I had no idea what the job entailed. Turned into a 9 year crash course in small business management, growing a small business, running a production and shipping department, purchasing, quality control, product development, price negotiation and inventory control and finally culminating with a head first dive into customer service, sales admin, and key client management.

Marin County Real Estate - Cari & Gabe

4. My son was growing up fast so before his 5th birthday, and after a lot of internal struggle I gave up my career to be a full time mom. It took some time to adjust and figure out how to define myself without my job. Turns out I loved it and soon realized that my career did not in fact define me. I loved the extra time with my son, joined the PTA and volunteered at the school more often. I was busy. Who knew. I adore my son. He is compassionate, intelligent, generous and funny. On the first day of winter break he took himself out to lunch at the Grove on Chestnut street and read his book. How cute it that!

5. Divorce. Yuck! If you have been through one you know. It’s one of the most difficult experiences in life. It’s true what they say, I survived and am a better, stronger person. I found out who my true friends were. I received support in the most unlikely places. I was surprised by those that gave their support unconditionally and others who disappeared and those that just chose to judge my decisions.

6. Back to work. My first part time job was an a personal assistant. Great gig. Loved the work because I was good at it and could still fit in my mom stuff and my own errands, Flexibility, organization, coordinating, shopping (I’m really good at this), vendor management. My employer didn’t really understand the importance of timely paychecks so I moved on. A few more office management gigs and then it was time for a “career”. I had already obtained my Real Estate license but not intending to “sell” real estate. So I bought a book about Doing what you love, working with your passion and read it cover to cover. Completed all the exercises and after 12 months of intense soul searching decided my passion was Real Estate.

Marin Real Estate Bikram Yoga Pose7. Other misc stuff…I manage a 17 unit apartment building in SF. My boyfriend of 7 years lives in Sacramento. I live in SF and work in Marin. I do Bikram Yoga (which keeps me healthy and sane and focused). I was a tomboy and a gymnast. I have a 13 year old son who just received a straight A report card and is school president. I love to cook and entertain. I occasionally knit (although I’m not very good). I feel things intensely and often cry watching commercials. I enjoy full disclosure and honesty with friends and family and sometimes they don’t appreciate it. I love being a Realtor!

I have always been a huge believer of, “everything happens for a reason”. Each job, each experience builds and prepares us for the next. I bring my entire life to this day to my real estate career. I started as a shy girl with very little confidence to a bold, outspoken and passionate women who cares deeply and loves life! I can achieve my BHAG because I have all the tools and experience I need to be a successful and awesome agent!