Marin County Real Estate – A Very Merry Mustard To You!


Marin County Real Estate – A Very Merry Mustard To You!

The holiday tradition I look forward to involves shopping and eating but also planning, designing and mass production. It’s not your typical tradition but it’s one I have participated in with my Dad for about 23 years. We make our super secret, completely addictive and increasingly popular Hot & Sweet Mustard. A few recipients, I am sure, continue to be my friend just for the Mustard they receive from me each holiday season. I get desperate calls mid-year, “I have run out of your Mustard, help! Do you by chance have an extra jar?” Recently I was told my Mustard of the month club sucks as he only received only one shipment in December and then nothing. Ha Ha!

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As a kid, there was nothing more wonderful than doing stuff with my dad. Growing up with two sisters, the solitary events with my dad were rare and golden. Now, kids, work, friends, and well, life get in the way of those treasured dad times. We see each other at holidays and Sunday dinner and have the occasional lunch date but our annual mustard making extravaganza is by far the event I look forward to and enjoy the most.

It starts mid-November when I realize it’s “That Time” and I scramble to find the perfect jar, design and order the labels and send my dad the ingredients list and quantities for his part in the preparation. We aim for Thanksgiving weekend or close to it. A little background about my Dad and his offspring. He is a smart-ass. In turn, me, my sisters and my son all received the smart-ass gene as well. My dad truly enjoys giving me a hard time.

So the process usually starts something like this…

Pre-Event Planning

Dad: “What time are you coming over? It has to be early so we can finish in time to go out to lunch” (going out to lunch is my Dads favorite part of the mustard making event).

Me: “OK, how is 9am?” Early enough?”

Dad: “Perfect”

Day of Mustard Making Event

Marin County Realtors Homemade Mustard

Dad: 9am (or possibly 8:45) “Where are you?”

Me: “On my way, running late and have to stop at Pete’s for coffee”

Dad: “Did you wash the jars?”

Me: “Really? Am I new?” Yes, dad, I washed the jars”

Dad: “Do you have the labels?”

Me: “Again, Really? Yes dad, I have the labels”

Dad: OK, hurry up, we have to finish by 11:30 so we can go to lunch.

God forbid we go to lunch at 12:00 or even 12:30. Yikes!

I arrive at my Dads and he is in the kitchen, ingredients out and organized, mixer ready (my Dad is 10 minutes early for everything). The man is very patient except when he has to be somewhere or do something. We start mixing and the banter comes quick and easy as we settle in to our usual routine. He gives me a hard time about how messy I am and I make fun of him because he can’t hear anything I say and refuses to wear his hearing aids.

We measure and mix and blend and pour and label and decorate and no matter how many jars we fill, we always seem to finish around 11:30 am so we can go have a lovely lunch together ( I honestly love the lunch part too – brings me back to my childhood. Birthday lunches with Dad and this year we went to the Realtors lunch spot of choice in San Anselmo, Insalatas!).

Marin Realtors Homemade Holiday Mustard

This year we tripled our production and enlisted the help of my boyfriend, Anthony, who signed a non-disclosure agreement and promised to sell his soul to the devil if he divulges the recipe for the mustard.

It was a great day and after two weeks when the mustard ripens about 112 happy fans will be dipping sausages, making sandwiches and schmearing pretzels with Hot & Sweet Mustard.

My son suggested, “if this Real Estate thing doesn’t work out Mom you can go into the Mustard Making business”. I am in the Mustard Making business. Each year our production grows. Last year we filled and gave away 72 jars, this year 112. Next year? I would love that number to grow because that would translate to having made many new friends and having helped more people realize their real estate dreams.Buying a Home in Marin County

Happy 2011 to you and yours! I would love to hear what other yummy homemade treats you received from your Realtor or from your friends for the holidays.

If we become friends some day or you buy or sell property with me in Marin County you may see me on your doorstep during the holiday season with a jar of my homemade Mustard!

Note: If you would like to create your own version of mustard or other treats I can’t give you my super secret recipe but I can share my vendor sources for jars and labels.


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