Marin County Open Space: Highway 37: Stunning Views and Wildlife


Once or twice a month I get the pleasure of driving to Sacramento and back. I have the option of traveling on 580 to 80 from 101 or crossing over to 80 via Highway 37. I choose Highway 37 90% of the time even though the one lane freeway is unpredictable.

I have been traveling the roads between San Francisco or Marin and Sacramento since 1981 when I chose to attend UC Davis. I also chose to have a boyfriend in Marin so during those first few years I was back and forth almost every weekend. Now my love lives in Sacramento so I am destined to continue to travel the 90 mile route.

There has always been something magical about Highway 37. It only takes a few seconds after taking the exit from 101 to see the beauty of 37. Farms, fields, cows, old barns and vineyards are some of the first visions. There is something romantic and comforting about an old dilapidated barn. There are so many captivating views I am compelled to capture on the short stretch of road.

While studying at UC Davis I would stop to photograph along the way. Right before the intersection to Napa there are two trees on the right side of the road in a field. I snapped a photo of those trees in the early 80’s they were newly planted and seemed to just be stuck there for no apparent reason. I have watched them grow over the years and even though they are full grown and thriving, they still look out of place.

Next time you find yourself heading toward Sacramento, Lake Tahoe or beyond take the Highway 37 detour and see for yourself. You too may be compelled to snap a few photos of your own.