Are you a Tweeper? Do you Tweet?


Or are you still shaking your head and silently laughing at the 175 million (so that number is up for debate but you get the idea)  of us now sharing information and finding real time news and data on Twitter?

When I tell people I use Twitter the majority reaction is either silence, a smug “huh” and shrug or repressed laughter.  I can see the confusion and disgust on peoples faces. The West Coast seems to be too cool for Twitter!

Check out this article on the basics of Twitter use. It’s geared towards Real Estate but it applies to any topic. Twitter may be the most misunderstood social media tool while in reality it’s the easiest one to launch and use.

The popularity, increased growth and functionality of twitter is undeniable and the non-believers prefer to keep their heads in the sand and remain convinced that it is a complete waste of time. Misconceptions and fear continue.

  • I don’t want a text message every time I get a tweet
  • I have nothing to say
  • No one will follow me
  • Why would anyone want to follow me
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t care what Justin Beber had for lunch

Truth is, I felt exactly the same way. I absolutely did not get it, didn’t have time for another social media outlet to manage, felt I had nothing to share, was convinced no one in their right mind would “follow” me and could care less what the famous people had to say in real time. I hate being wrong but I was on all accounts.

Twitter is a real time news and information source. You don’t have to receive any emails or text messages unless you want. You are in control of the information you receive and how you receive it. People will follow you if you follow them and engage. News happens first on Twitter and with a few tools and applications and a little set up you can stream a twitter feed of exactly the type of news you want to stay on top of.

If you read, listen to or have any interested in the news, a specific topic, your community, local events or even the thoughts of Britney Spears – Twitter IS for you.

Sign up. It’s free and you can just listen to the conversations and information until your ready to share and Tweet. There are tons of “how-to” videos on You Tube and blogs about all the tools and applications you can utilize to streamline and sort your information and track your influence or you can ignore all that, get a Twitter account and start listening. However, proceed with caution! It’s addicting especially if you are an information junkie.

Happy Tweeping!