A Path Forward: Post Pandemic



We really are all in this together. The entire world has just experienced a global pandemic and those of us that made it to the other side, have lived through 2-1/2 years of an unprecedented and completely novel experience in all of our lifetimes.

I mean…phew! Personally, I do feel like the worst is behind me but the lasting effects are well, lasting. The veil of all the difficulty in the world, death, injustice, loss, setbacks, fear, anxiety, financial inconsistency, survivors guilt and on and on and on is still lingering, still covering me, still effecting my daily life.  Did you experience all or any of these? And how are you feeling now? I am feeling like enough already. Time to move on, time to heal, time to stop whining about the past and make a better future.

What coping mechanisms did you find during the pandemic that worked for you? That allowed you to wake up each day. Work. Smile. Function?

My Pandemic Coping Routine

Mine was a daily morning routine, discovered, early on in the shut down and thanks to Hal Elrod and his Miracle Morning or SAVERS practice. I also sustained a regular yoga practice, drank a boat load of wine, cooked and ate really good food (because shopping for groceries was often my highlight for the day), socialized as much as was possible (considering the circumstances), and made more of an effort to take care of and do things for others.

I, like many others I talk to now (2-1/2 years in), are still struggling and trying to find their best way forward. Will we have permanent mental and phycological damage from this pandemic? Don’t know  but my guess is, a strong yes. It is likely going to manifest itself in a multitude of ways and vary person to person based on our individual experiences during the past 2-1/2 years.  Seems unlikely that we will just go back to normal like nothing happened.

Hope on the Horizon

In the past week I feel like I am starting to wake up from a really long nap. Not the kind of nap where you pass out for 20-30 minutes and feel rested but the kind where you aren’t quite sure if you are asleep, you dream but in spurts, you toss and turn and lay down way longer than you should because you are restless and unsettled and still tired. When you wake up you aren’t even sure you were asleep. Anyone?

I finally feel like I am ready to move forward. Ready to learn from this time, understand how it effected me and those around me and the world and move on.  I am ready to find my new normal.

Being Better at My Work

In the Real Estate world and probably other industries, the theme is “Getting Back to Basics”. Not only how we manage our business, clients, listings, daily tasks but also our health and daily schedules. We need a new normal because the world and everyone in it has been through a traumatic time and we are all different because of it.  

Bumping fists or elbows is still a thing for some. Masks will be worn by many indefinitely.  I may never feel comfortable having a stranger closer than 2-3 feet when at the grocery store or waiting in line.  People with any kind of illness, even colds will cancel plans instead of infecting others. we are changed.

My focus is being the best Realtor I can be and adjusting to a changed landscape. This means listening more intently, heightened compassion, patience and more flexibility.  Creative problem solving is going to be a must have skill in this aftermath.

Stop Whining and Start Healing

How do we as a collective existence on this earth move forward? How do I move forward? Back to Basics. New business plan. Increased attention with clients and prospective clients. Patience. Understanding. Willingness to be there. Listen more intently. Compassion.  I found a powerful quote that I have read every day since the start of the pandemic as part of my morning routine. It was helped so much because it reminds me to remind myself that I have so much to be grateful for. That no one want’s to hear me whine about my problems, that we are all suffering individually and as a collective group,  and that there is hope! 

“Replace your judgments with empathy, upgrade your complaining with gratitude, and trade your fear for love” 

I can’t recall who wrote it or where I found it but it’s so simple and powerful.

We need to move forward with more compassion, more patience and more love and acceptance.


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