Summer is for travel, soaking up the sun, enjoying the outdoors, finding ways to occupy your kids so they don’t complain about being bored everyday.  Summer is for longer days, dining Al Fresco, slowing down and regrouping. Am I right?

So why would summer be a good time to sell your home?  Here are three excellent reasons

1. People have more time, are more relaxed and enjoy viewing homes in warmer and drier weather

2. Buyers with school age kids want to find their home and get settled before the new school year starts

3. You can travel while your home is being marketed and shown and let your realtor do the work.

Relaxed buyer are happier buyers

“Enjoy your summer”. We all say it, we all hear it and why is that? Yes, some of us travel more during the summer and spend more time outdoors however unless you are a teacher you are still getting up every day and going to work, doing the laundry, grocery shopping and all the other daily chores and responsibilities. Summer just feels easier. Lighter. Freer.  It’s also more enjoyable to shop for a home during the summer. Buyers are less stressed, have more adventures and travel planned and honestly I believe we still have left over joy from our kid summers.

Schools seem to start earlier and earlier every year

I work with a lot of buyers relocating. Either from another near by county, like San Francisco or from out of state and sometimes out of the country. These buyers have typically been looking and planning for months and identified the cities, neighborhoods and schools they want for themselves and their kids. Getting your home on the market in early summer gives these families more choices and the ability to purchase a home and get settled in before back to school shopping and the first day of school!

Commit to a local realtor you like and trust

The best way to sell a home is vacant and staged! 100%, no question. However, the second best way is a home that appears to be vacant and staged. Either way, you do not have to be there while your realtor prepares, markets and shows your home. Until the close of escrow, where documents need to be signed, you can literally be anywhere in the world.  Find a realtor you like and trust, who has experience helping buyers and sellers in your city and start formulating a plan to prepare, market and sell your home. You can enjoy your summer while your Realtor works for you.

So if you have been thinking about selling your house but never feel like it’s the right time or a good time for you Summer might just be what you have been waiting for. Sign a listing agreement, pack up your bags and hand your keys over to your realtor. You can relax on the beach or travel through Europe while your agent prepares, markets and sells your home.


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