3 Solid Reasons to buy a home



Why would anyone want to spend their summer looking for a new house? Here are 3 solid reasons why it makes sense to find your perfect home THIS summer.

There are many different types of buyers and buyers in many stages of the home searching and buying process. Maybe you searched for most of 2021 and into 2022 and either couldn’t find your perfect home or got outbid by the competition? Maybe you have been passively searching online and waiting for the right time? Are you just starting the process? Whatever your home buying status the next 8-10 weeks could be your golden ticket to finding your home at a lower price with less competition.

Buying a Home in the Summer? Really?

Summer is historically a slower real estate market in the Bay Area. The school year is ending,  people are traveling, life feels more relaxed and we generally spend more time outside. The last thing many people want to do is pour over listings online and attend open houses.  Am I right? This summer is different and you might just find your perfect home if you are willing to do the work.

There is nothing historical or precedented about what has led us to this moment.  It’s an odd culmination of current and world events. Here are 3 reasons why this summer is offering a unique opportunity for buyers to find their perfect home.

3 Reasons to Purchase a home THIS Summer

1. The pent up travel dam has been busted. How many trips have you planned and canceled or rescheduled? Exactly! So have many others.  We are all fatigued by vacationing in our own backyards , cities and states. We want to get back out and see the world. Seems every time I go on social media 10 of my friends are in a foreign country. Are you staying home or done with your travel? Are you ready, willing and able to purchase your next perfect home? Jump in now and take advantage of this moment

2. Homes are sitting on the market longer and price reductions are increasing. When the interest rates started to rise and the stock market got slammed buyers paused.  That pause, along with summer travel, has created a softening of the market and an opportunity for buyers, still out there, to purchase their home at or closer to asking than in the previous months.

3. Unknowns. There is never a perfect time to purchase a home but the perfect time is also now! If you are ready, willing and able to purchase a home TODAY, you have the time to commit to the process and relish taking advantage of a magical window of opportunity then call your realtor now! Who knows what September will bring.  Interest rates are up and then down. The pandemic seems to stretch on and on and on. There is a war in Ukraine. Monkey pox? Seriously! 

The Cost of Waiting

My prediction is July and August of 2022, when looking back in a year,  will be viewed as a gift. The convergence of several factors that are creating this unique market for buyers (and sellers) is NOW! In September when the travel dust settles, reality hits,  schools are back in session and buyers suddenly remember that they need to or want to buy a home before the end of the year will be back in full force! Your competition that is distracted by warm weather and sandy beaches are going to be making offers on your home! Carpe Diem and start the search for your dream home!

Call your Realtor TODAY! Reach out to a local lender if you have not already. Get your financing in order, make your list of search criteria and then log on to your favorite property search site. What does your perfect next home look like?  I can help you expedite the process and get you into your home before the rest of the buyers figure out what they are missing. 


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